Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez -Tony R.I.P. 1965-2009

My best friend and brother Antonio Blanco [Tony] got murdered in El Salvador last Friday 11th September 2009. I'm still in shock. He got shot seven times on the chest by 3 people when he was driving his motorbike on his way home.
El Salvador Police
(PNC) is investigating. they said that the incident occurred in the village of San Antonio Abad of Los Indios, in the jurisdiction of Maple City-Ciudad Arce, 40 miles west of San Salvador.

He wasn’t only my friend, he was my brother.
I spoke with him the very same morning as he was visiting Spain for a few weeks and also coming to see me in Madrid this very Wednesday he did send me this photo. Probably the last photo of him

Toni was a very special person, unique, one in a million and he also literally saved my life years ago. We lived loads of intense experiences together since our teenage days on the 80s.. So many memories.....
He was a single parent and leaves a 4 year old beautiful girl called 'Maya Blanco'.

But nobody dies if you keep his memory alive. And I will make sure this is gonna happen.

Love you mate and will never forget you, because to me you are not gone.
R.I.P. brother

We have created a group for Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] in Facebook [See link below]. This is an open group for everyone to share memories and keep his flame alive. If you have photos or you crossed paths with him in the past, please share your story with us all.

Antonio Blanco Facebook group

Hemos creado un grupo en Facebook [Link arriba] para que todas aquellas personas que tuvimos la suerte de conocer a Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] podamos compartir aniversarios, memorias, anecdotas o fotos y así de ahora en adelante mantener siempre su memoria viva.

Here is a video I recorded with Tony in our skyjet trip in rio Dulce Guatemala on the way to Belize in August 2006.

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez&Pedro Vila in Izabal Lake [Rio Dulce]

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez&Pedro Vila in Izabal Lake [Rio Dulce]

If you want to read more about Toni click on the link on the right in Labels

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Honduras and Guatemala photos

Anonas , delicious but strange fruit

Honduras Bay Islands



Triunfo De La Cruz Honduras


This is The End...

I had such a great time.

The trip didn’t disappoint me a bit. It did have all the perfect ingredients for a holiday.
I am also very glad things are still the same with my friend, like they used to be.
Nothing has changed.

Next year hopefully we will go somewhere else, maybe Colombia, Nicaragua and Panama perhaps.
This time I really hope we dont have to wait another 10 years to see each other, brother.

Now the Doors are open again.
Apologies for spelling mistakes and the language barrier. I did my best, believe me. And also thanks to my friend from Holland Yvo [Furry Happy Monster] for spell check assistance.

This blog about my trip is dedicated to all the people I' ve meet during this days, who have no Internet access, and probably will never see this site.
Pedro Vila
Some Photos
San Salvador City Center

I would chop my hand already

Pedro Vila
'La Colocha' Ranch-Zapotitan-El Salvador

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] ranch 'La Colocha' near Ciudad Arce



My friend needed a quick operation on his elbow, so I decided to wait for him in the nearest 'Mall' in San Salvador city center. It was funny because I never go to this sort of places here in Spain, but there you go. The place was huge, apparently they are the bigger ones in Central America.
While I was waiting for my friend in the Mall, while he was operated, I had a few nice Cocktails.

And Im not telling you about the woman in El Salvador!

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] came about 6 pm. He was great and the operation went OK. We celebrated it with some more booze, and a huge cigar.

There was no Jeep anymore, but Tony had other vehicles.

and this

Cheeky Bugger

' La Colocha' Ranch near ciudad Arce. Tony's employees.
La Colocha Ciudad Arce Tony's Ranch

My friend Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] wanted to show me his ranch. Something he has put lots of effort and energy into.

Like everything he does really.

It’s called 'La Colocha' which means curly hair, like his girlfriend Ana has. It was located in a place called 'Zapotitan' in 'La Libertad' Department.

It was right in the middle of the jungle.

So we took the Mini and drove to my friend's ranch.
When the Mini couldn’t go further, we rang my mate’s employee Manuel and he picked up us with a Toyota 'pick up' and then he gave us a lift to the ranch.

On the way to the ranch. Locals

Tony's Dogs

My friend’s dogs are 'Golden Retrievers'. He has two. He bought them in Colombia. They got mad with the goose or ducks whatever it was. The dogs did have fun while we tried to stop them, I guess the ducks didn't.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Zapotitán El Salvador

I forgot my mosquito repellent [Remember, over here Repellent it does makes the difference!], so when the sun was gone they almost annihilated me!

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony] is working on his ranch, he planted Palm trees and all sorts of other tropical plants. One day it will be finished.

We went to the river near the ranch. There was some fishermen with nets trying to catch some fish. I was told the task could take a few minutes or perhaps all day. They wouldn’t stop until they got some fish. It was their food for the day.

River fisherman

We saw this woman doing the laundry in the river. Lots of people do that. Some people cant afford washing machines in El Salvador.

The water in 'Congo' river looked so clean!.

Sonsonate-Salinitas, El Salvador

Mayan Sculpture

Salinitas Beach-El Salvador

Wanna swap jobs?
Honduras an exciting trip with my best friend Antonio Blanco Rodriguez

My friend Antonio Blanco Rodriguez lives in El Salvador. I went to visit him in 2006. We traveled all over central America. We also visited Guatemala and Honduras.

Here are some of the photos I took

Kids repair the wholes on the road for some change

Avin' a Break

The poor fucker above was on sale. They do soups with Lizards over here. Apparently they are very good for you!

Mountains on the way to La Ceiba

On the way to la Ceiba we thought it was time of a break. My brother suggested some proper shower, good food&drinks and take a well deserved rest. I Didn't argue with him.

Antonio Blanco Rodriguez [Tony]

We booked a couple of nights in 'Quinta Real Hotel’ in La Ceiba.

Tony on full display of Mediterranean sex-appeal.

Honduras Bay Islands were waiting for us!